GrünGold warranty

The GrünGold warranty

What we pledge and do

All GrünGold products are 100% made from the best natural ingredients. We are mainly supplied from the region. In this way we keep distances short and the impact on the environment low. Our products are manufactured gently and with a lot of love in our factory in Stuvenborn. Last but not least, GrünGold products contain absolutely no additives of any kind. That means:

GrünGold products are guaranteed

  1. without the addition of colouring agents and flavouring additives
  2. without the addition of emulsifiers and stabilizers
  3. without the addition of enzymes
  4. without the addition of flavour enhancers and preservatives
  5. not containing added chemically modified starches or hardened fats
  6. free of E-numbers
  7. and of course free of animal products
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