GrünGold Complete

GrünGold Complete

Complete pleasure

Whoever eats a full-fledged diet, will have a new, delicious taste experience every day with GrünGold Complete. GrünGold Complete is not only available in a variety of carefully prepared products such as vegan meatballs or burger patties - you can also prepare your own creations from basic products such as the aromatic- or italian-spiced mince.

What all GrünGold Complete products have in common is, that they are made from the whole grain and coarse meal of high-quality cereals such as oats and amaranth, and thus contain a particularly large amount of valuable minerals and dietary fibers as well as essential fatty acids. Of course, they are one hundred percent vegan! What more do you want?

That's good to know: Oats are among the oldest and healthiest cereals. It is low in gluten and rich in vitamins, nutrients and fibre. Especially its high content of protein, iron and magnesium make it so valuable. Amaranth was already appreciated by Incas, Mayas and Aztecs. Thanks to its high content of vitamins, minerals and nutrients - especially protein and iron - it is an excellent source of energy for vegans and vegetarians. The rapeseed oil we use, also provides valuable omega-3 fatty acids.

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