GrünGold Active

Grüngold Active

Fit, fitter, active

Do you like fancy vegan salsiccia tartelets, Asian pumpkin rolls or a fresh spring salad? GrünGold Active products are so versatile, that you can reward yourself with a different delicious meal after each exercise session. On the one hand we offer you a large number of prepared dishes, such as sliced pieces of Seitan, vegan salsiccia or Chili sin Carne, on the other hand you can cook hundreds of own dishes with our basic Seitan rolls.

And no matter how you do it: With every GrünGold Active meal you automatically fill up your protein-stores and give your body the best basis to be fit and efficient. Because all GrünGold Active products are pure vegan and are made from Seitan, which is particularly rich in protein.

That's good to know: Seitan comes from traditional Japanese cuisine and was developed by vegetarian monks as a meat substitute. In fact, Seitan has a meat-like consistency, is cholesterol-free, contains little fat, but a lot of protein. Spelt, on the other hand, is a very old type of cereal that has been very popular again for a few years. Because spelt contains lots of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Chiaseeds, used in our snacks, were already on the menu of Mayas and Aztecs. They deliberately rely on the long-lasting feeling of fullness to increase strength and endurance. The rapeseed oil we use, also provides valuable Omega 3 fatty acids.

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