Product lines

GrünGold Active and GrünGold Complete

We are constantly developing plant nutrition. So that everyone can find exactly the products that meet their own requirements and preferences. The idea behind our "Active" and "Complete" product lines is to create a tailor-made diet for active sportspeople and people which a wholesome diet. 

GrünGold Active

Are you active in sports or do you eat a calorie-conscious diet? Our GrünGold Active product line is made from Seitan, which is particularly rich in protein, and provides a lot of valuable protein - important for the functioning of our muscles and to build them up. In addition, GrünGold Active is 100% vegan, low in cholesterol and therefore additionally healthy.

GrünGold Complete

You like to eat healthy and wholesome? Our GrünGold Complete product line is made from the whole grain of high-quality grains such as oats and amaranth, and therefore contains many valuable minerals and dietary fibers as well as essential fatty acids.

Product warranty

Pure vegetable, healthy and super delicious

All GrünGold products are super delicious, 100% natural and purely vegetable. That means: We use absolutely no additives. Instead we use lots of healthy ingredients such as oats and spelt or superfoods such as amaranth and chia. Furthermore, our products are 100% vegan and therefore suitable for vegans as well as vegetarians and flexitarians. So not only super delicious and purely vegetable, but also totally versatile. Wow.

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