The twitterqueen Marie

writes now for GrünGold

From time to time we talk and write about something other than our last photographed lunch, which ended up in our recipes. You know our principles by now.

“Put a little ‘vegan’ in your life”

iis not just our motto. It's also Maries, who puts it into action in her column with a colourful mixture of beauty, lifestyle and everything that makes life more beautiful, greener and more vegan! - Of course with the usual wordplay!

As a joyful and sweet little girl, we at GrünGold got to know and love Marie von den Benken and would like to give you an insight into her world, too. Born in Hamburg, she lived as a vegetarian for a long time, before switching to vegan. Her kitchen is very colourful, because she loves fresh vegetables and fruits in all colours and shapes. At the age of 14, Marie was discovered on Spitalerstraße by one of the largest German model agencies. A few years later, she graduated from high school and studied PR, and by coincidence she ended up on Twitter. She quickly gathered a considerable number of followers around her and became a "Twitter celebrity", as the magazine "Der Spiegel" put it.

As an avowed advocate for animal rights and as a vegan, we didn't have to ask her for long to write a regular column for us. This just fits like Seitan to GrünGold.

Make Love Not War

"You don't have to tear yourself apart."

Talking is silver, silence is out

"I am for animal rights as much as I am for human rights..."

Meat Me Tonight

„Now I can look at you in peace, I won't eat you anymore“

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