How we think

How we think

Our opinion on four points

From our point of view, there are many reasons for a meatless or meat-reduced diet.
Here we have summarized the four most important ones for you:


Too much meat is unhealthy: studies show that meat consumption can lead to obesity, heart attacks, cancer, diabetes and increased cholesterol.

Animal welfare

Animals also have rights: numerous examples illustrate the unacceptable conditions in keeping, fattening, killing and transporting animals.

Meat scandals

Whether swine pest, mad cow disease or bird flu: meat producers repeatedly hit the headlines and cannot guarantee safety.

Environmental and climate protection

Meat production wastes valuable resources: the production of a portion of spaghetti Bolognese with minced beef emits 5.5 times more CO2 propellant gas than our vegan minced "GrünGold Aromatic Hack"

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